Bad Tow Truck

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The Bad Tow Truck Driver is the last guy you want your girl to run into, especially if he happens to be in possession of her vehicle. If she’s desperate for her car, but has no money to pay the bill, he will gladly accept her mouth and pussy as payment instead. If you subscribe to Bad Tow Truck right now, you could save up to 73% per month, it all depends on how much money you are willing to part with today. If you’d like to save as much as possible, you should consider the 1 year membership which costs $95.40. Select this plan and your monthly price drops to just $7.95. They have another great deal, and that’s the $14.95 per month membership plan which saves you 50% per month for life. Either way, you’ll save a nice chunk of cash off standard price. You’ll also receive free access to 40+ Reality Kings network websites which makes this deal too good to refuse.